Originally established as a consultancy company, GIODE still prides itself as an unrivalled provider of truly independent specialist advice. In addition to the testimonials on this page, our recent consultancy task have included:

Development of Support Requirements Definition for a UK £2.5 Billion Acquisition of 11 replacement Maritime Support Vessels.

Partnering in a joint study for HQ of the Directorate of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers on the effect of different inventory performance measures on military equipment availability.

Modelling a north-American underground metro train network to determine the optimum inventory to support a $1Bn+ acquisition of new rolling-stock.

Creating an enterprise Performance-Based Logistics Contracting process (including a “PBL Manual) for a continental-European aircraft manufacturer supporting fleets in 42 different countries worldwide.

Developing the physical Support Chain Transformation Strategy for a major bidder short-listed for the £1 Billion contract to be the delivery partner UK MOD’s Future Logistics Information Service (FLIS).

Partnering in a major (12 month) joint study with the UK MOD into Inventory planning Algorithms for future Inventory Management Systems.

Research for a Scandinavian Defence Department into the effects of the UK MOD Resource Accounting regulations on their inventory management.



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Recent Locations for in-house courses include:

  • Huntingdon, England
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Luzerne, Switzerland
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Tegernsee, Germany

We love to teach and we love to travel.

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Giode Ltd (the providers of Giode Red Cube) also deliver a selection of Supply Chain and inventory related training courses. As most laptop users are aware, running multiple applications on that thirteen free cell phone tracker inch display is a pain