About Us

At Inventory Optimisation we understand that extracting the greatest value and performance from supply chains requires optimizing the inventories (of parts or components) at each link within those chains.  We have developed an advanced, innovative, software solution that delivers state-of-the-art inventory optimization to clients across a range of sectors.

With a strong focus on the aerospace and defence sectors, the Inventory Optimisation team works regularly with governments, armed forces and world-leading companies to transform their supply chain performance.  The Cost Weighted Back Order® algorithm in our Red Cube® software provides a step-change in supply chain performance.

Countless alternative methods have been developed by others which can improve on traditional ‘tried-and-tested’ strategies but they can make things bette, but not best: until now truly optimal inventories have proved elusive.  All that has changed as Inventory Optimisation can now guarantee to deliver hitherto unobtainable improvements in Supply Chain performance at reduced levels of inventory investments.

By definition, no solution is really optimal if a better one can be found at lower cost.  Most companies do have better inventory management but few yet have the best.  Now, finally, optimal is achievable.  We guarantee it.

About the Numbers

Established in 2011, by 2013 Inventory Optimisation already had a client-list whose combined annual Revenue exceeds US $10 Billion – and this number is growing.

By the end of 2013 the value of inventory managed using Red Cube software was over US $1 Billion – but this number is reducing!

 In short, more and more clients are deciding to spend less and less money on sub-optimal inventory by implementing the Red Cube software solution

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